Saturday, April 16, 2011

Day 1?

The Diaper-ee is T who is 13 months old, about 27 lbs and 32-33 inches tall at last measurement, size M-L in every diaper cover we have. T is almost exclusively breastfed, but is now eating 'real' food at least a couple times every day, typically dried peaches or strawberries, bananas, wheat crackers, yogurt, string cheese, and whatever his mama's eating, so his dirty diapers are generally of the 'peanut butter' variety at least once a day. We use mostly flats and prefolds with a few homemade flannel pockets (stuffed with a prefold or pad-folded flat) and one Thristies fitted with a few hemp doublers. We have several types of PUL covers and will soon be using a couple of homemade fleece soakers.

We have a clothing cleaning station (hubby's idea) set up in our bathroom with a Wonder Wash and a Spin Dryer with a bucket in between to catch the run-off from the dryer. The bucket also doubles as the spot for rinsed (in the toilet) diapers. We have a movable showerhead (under $20 at our local blue box store) that fills the washer and doubles as a diaper sprayer.

Detergent-wise, we're trying Rockin' Green hard rock at the moment, and each of my diapers gets sprayed with Bac-Out (1/2 and 1/2 with water) after rinsing and before bucket-ing. The Bac-out is a recent addition to our routine recommended by a CDing friend, so I'll make sure to post if it causes problems. So far, it's leaving a nice citrus-y scent in my bathroom but we haven't washed or used any of the diapers treated with it yet.

Our usual routine is a quick rinse of every diaper in the toilet with the sprayer. Dirty dipes usually get rinsed immediately but wet ones often get rinsed right before washing. Pre-rinsed diapers now get a spray of Bac-Out, as mentioned above. After kiddo's asleep, everything goes in the washer with 1 tsp detergent (the washer has about 3.5 gallons of water when full, I think, so we use way less detergent) and the hottest water my shower gets and gets tumbled for 2 minutes. Everything gets a quick rinse with cold water so I can touch it, then wrung and run through a spin cycle in the dryer. Back in the washer with hot water again for 2 minutes, then another spin cycle. If I still see suds in the run-off water, everything's rinsed again.

Once everything smells clean out of the dryer, it gets hung on a clothesline in our bedroom. I'd love to take advantage of our SW sun to dry diapers, but my apartment complex won't let me hang a clothesline.

That's it! I think our situation is a little more complicated than it could be, but with hard water issues this seems to be okay. Diapers get clean, quarters are saved, and baby's butt is healthy :)